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Benefits using Acorn Stairlifts

Why get a stairlift?

Most people put off adapting their homes with a stairlift because they are concerned about costs, or worried that they might be forced to adapt their home in some way. They are particularly concerned about being obliged to have structural work performed on the house which might make it difficult for able-bodied companions to climb the stairs easily. However, most modern stairlifts are easy to fit, and require no serious changes, making it easier for the user and for anyone else in the home. It is now very common for people over the age of retirement to have a stairlift fitted, and new ones are installed into properties every day, so you don’t have to be concerned about getting a new stairlift fitted.

Advantages of Acorn stairlifts

There are several good reasons why people looking for stairlifts for their home choose the Acorn brand. These types of stairlifts are some of the most practical for use in a property, and have been nominated for Ease-of-Use by the Arthritis Foundation. That means that they can be used by people suffering from a range of movement difficulties. The stairlifts have been developed by experts, looking at the tasks which are required in order to move up the stairs. The Ease of Use award was won because testers found it easy to use a range of parts, including the folding footrests, the seatbelt, the swivel seat, and the paddle controls. The ease of use means that many people who are new to stairlifts prefer the Acorn models, as they offer convenience and comfort without being too complicated to use. The stairlifts offer relief from the pain and discomfort of being forced to climb up the stairs when you are disabled or infirm.