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Know The Disadvantage of Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a process of seeking and receiving affordable and quality medical care abroad, instead of using your home service. Affordability is one of the prominent factors that has made tourism quite lucrative option for patients from countries where medical procedures are expensive. Certain medical procedures are more economical in some countries than others. Technological advancement, highly educated doctors, availability of latest medical instrument are some of the factors which made tourism very attractive. The growth of industry has been very rapid in the last 10 years.

Despite of the mentioned advantages, if you think more, you will notice there are some serious disadvantages. The most important concern is the quality of treatment you will get at extremely low price. So sacrificing your health just for saving money is not a good idea. So , those who are interested in tourism should consider the pros and cons of the medical tourism industry before travelling offshore or taking step towards medical tourism.

Before taking appointment of a surgeon or specialist the patient have to wait in queue for a long time. The tests for diagnosing also take weeks to be completed. Price hike and long waiting period have made the people impatient. This is why people prefer medical tourism with huge discount and zero waiting time. But always the idea is not so affective.

Because of the faster treatment process misdiagnosis can occur during the treatment which can result in unforeseen damages even through hospitals provide malpractice cover. And since travelers are not aware of the legal rules in countries where they are opting for medical tourism, this can cause further troubles.

Your insurance coverage varies on the type of treatment that you are taken. So before taking any treatment make sure to read all the information to avoid any unnecessary expenses during your stay abroad. And since travelers are not always aware of the legal aspects, it may cause problems to them since in countries like US & UK legal procedures are very transparent.

It is always recommended for medical tourists to accompany someone while travelling abroad for medical treatment. Travelling with someone means you are multiplying your travelling cost.

Medical tourism has both advantages and disadvantages. So people who are interested in medical tourism should carefully consider the risk involved in the entire process of medical tourism.